Bringing Bitcoin to Chicago – Red Leaf ATM Update & Locations

Bringing Bitcoin to Chicago – Red Leaf ATM Update & Locations

Your Money Turned Over A New Leaf.  Bringing Bitcoin to Chicago

Red Leaf Chicago is committed to bringing bitcoin to the masses in Chicago.  Part of that commitment is giving our clients a positive experience in interesting locations.  We have now deployed our first Genesis two-way machine to add to our existing Satoshi 1 one–way machines.

So what’s the diff between a 1-way and a 2-way?  Simple.  A 1-way allows the client to only buy bitcoin with cash.  A 2-way allows for both bitcoin for cash AND cash for bitcoin.

Onto our commitment to our customers and our unique locations here in Chicago.  We at Red Leaf have a customer service number that is manned basically from 8am to 9pm Chicago time our support number is 315-514-COIN.  Educational content will soon be available at our website at this page:

We will always get to answering your questions in a timely manner if not immediately.  So far we have fielded dozens of support calls.  Many questions are about how to use a bitcoin wallet.  We are happy to help you with any and all use cases and questions.  Red Leaf is here to help make your bitcoin transaction experience smooth and seamless.  We are a team of experienced operators and expert bitcoin users.

We will be deploying two more bitcoin machines next week to bring our total number of bitcoin ATM’s in Chicago to five.  Another 2-way and another 1-way.   Here’s a little clue as to our new locations coming next week:


Are you hodling bitcoin and want to cash out?  Then get over to:



Hit us up on our Genesis 2-way machine at O’Neil’s at 411 S. Wells.  Conveniently located at the foot of the Chicago financial district and easily accessible via public transportation O’Neil’s is known as “the Loop’s neighborhood bar”.

Their hours of operation are fantastic!  Opening at 10am and open til midnight M-W and 2am on Thursday & Friday.  Stop in for some bitcoin and grab yourself a slice!

O’Neil’s has great pizza and beer specials every day of the week.  To find out more about O’Neil’s special events and other news find them on the web HERE or Twitter orFacebook.




Geek bar supports our Lamassu 1-way model.  It is located at 1941 W. North ave. in Chicago.  It is definitely the place to grab bitcoin on the weekend.  We are thrilled to be in one of Business Insiders “Coolest New Business’ In America”  Geek Bar is our favorite place to grab a burger and a beer.  Geek Bar Beta has a new chef and we were there for the new tasting (picture of the menu above).  Outstanding food! Great cocktails, exceptional service and of course! The geeky vibe!   Unlike O’Neil’s, you don’t come to Geek Bar for the ball game.  But definitely hit up the Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley watch parties!  Come for the bitcoin and stay for the food!  You can catch Geek Bar Beta on the web HERE or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram




Blue 1647 is run by the CEO and fearless leader, Emile Cambry, the hardest working man in tech and entrepreneurship in Chicago.  We are honored and pleased to be in “Blue” and collaborating in a space where “ideas meet execution”.

Blue sports a Satoshi1 and is a 1-way machine.  The location is very convenient as there is free parking across the street!  “Powered by community we exist to enable your digital & entrepreneurial pursuits” you can find Blue 1647 in the heart of Pilsen at 1647 S. Blue Island in Chicago, on the web Here or Twitter or Instagram or Facebook  Come in for the bitcoin, stay for the learning and collaborating!

We love the locations we’re in and the folks we’re working with!  Thank you to our partners and their staff!

Most of all, THANK YOU customers!  We appreciate your business and your trust!

We are actively looking for sponsorship and marketing opportunities.  Hit us up on email if you’d like to chat about collaborating.

Don’t forget to follow us too!  We’re on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

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